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About OpenGR

OpenGR is a set C++ libraries for 3D Global Registration, standalone applications and plugins released under the terms of the APACHE V2 licence, which makes it free for commercial and research use.

It provides state of the art global registration techniques for 3d pointclouds. Still under active development, the library is currently improved by adding wrappers to existing software, and by stabilizing the API.

In a nutshell, it provides:

  • two core packages: algorithms and accelerators,
  • a convenience packages: utils,
  • several demonstrators:
    • a command line application,
    • wrappers to use the algorithms with the Point Cloud Library and CGAL (coming soon)
    • a meshlab plugin
  • a test suite

Usage and documentation

Compilation status

Linux & MacOS Windows
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  • Nicolas Mellado: main developper, conception, implementation and examples

This library is based on Super4PCS library, which was also developped by:

  • Dror Aiger: 4pcs implementation
  • Niloy Mitra: 4pcs implementation

Contributors and support

(With pull request ids if any)

We also wish to thanks Simon Giraudot and for their support and help through our participation to


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