Getting Started

Since Release v1.1.x we improved the usability of Super4PCS as an application or as a library.

To run the application, you just need to:

  1. Compile the source code (checkout the Compilation page), or download the latest release to obtain the Super4PCS binary.
  2. Go to the script folder, and run the run-example script from there.

Then, depending on plans, you also might want to look at:

  • our Scripts, Demos and wrappers, the use the library with the Point Cloud Library or with a Meshlab plugin.
  • the Datasets page, to further test the application on real datasets, including models from the original paper.
  • the Usage page for more details on the Super4PCS parameters.
  • the Match4PCSBase class, if you plan to use the library in you own software. This is the base class for registration algorithms, providing the ComputeTransformation method. Two different algorithms are today available: 4PCS and its more efficient variant Super4PCS