Release Notes

See complete changelog here: CHANGELOG


This release improve usability and interoperability of OpenGR with other libraries and projects.


This release introduces new code structure allowing use as an actual library.

  • Build system
    • Super4PCS now generates a CMake package, so you just need to call find_package(Super4PCS) to work with the library.
    • Save binaries compiled by AppVeyor integration system as Artifacts.
  • Demos, scripts and assets
    • assets are now added to the install folder, including downloaded datasets.
    • demo scripts have been updated to work directly after installation. Windows batch scripts have been added.
  • Dependencies
    • Chealpix dependency is marked as deprecated: it slows down the approach and reduce it's robustness. Consequently, Chealpix is still built in CI but not tested.
  • Devel
    • Update include directive relatively to super4pcs root dir. (including fix by when enabling timings).
    • Add silent mode in matcher to avoid unwanted logging on standard output. This is implemented by adding a visitor in the matcher main loop, and set it as a logger in the Super4pcs main app.
    • Change directories structure with separated library, tests and demos folders.


Pre-release introducing the new version of the Super4PCS library. No much changes on the API, but many changes on the code internal structure, tests, etc.

Major changes:

  • Dependencies:
    • remove ANN dependency,
    • remove dependency to Chealpix. Can be controlled by the option SUPER4PCS_USE_CHEALPIX. This options will be available for some time for experiment purposes. During this time, Chealpix and Cfitsio files will still be shipped with Super4PCS source code.
    • OpenCV is required only to load meshes textures. This dependency can be removed by switching option IO_USE_OPENCV to FALSE,
  • remove duplicate code between 4PCS and Super4PCS,
  • clean code structure,
  • demo dataset + run script added.
  • CMake project can now be opened directly with Visual Studio 2017.


Pre-release including improved compilation system, supporting both windows and linux platforms. Binaries are available for x64 Windows platforms (tested with windows 7 and 10, requires Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015).

Major changes:

  • Fix segfault reported in issue #11
  • fix IO bug #9
  • add windows support #4. As a side effect, dependencies are now packaged with the library.
  • improved Cmake configuration: c++11 flags check, add option to set/unset timing recording


  • add compatibility with OpenCV3.0 and greater
  • fix compilation errors with gcc 4.9.1

Minor and devel changes :

  • exploration is now stopped when LCP = 1
  • fix several minor bugs, causing instabilities and reduced performances
  • use functors in several place, to improve code reusability and prepare next milestones
  • removed several compilation warnings


Alpha version of the Super4PCS first release, introducing:

  • compilation environment using CMake.
  • unit-tests based on CTest: to process both sub-routines and the whole Super4PCS algorithm using an online dataset with ground truth (Standford).
  • improved performances and bugfixes.